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Thea's Tree
by Alison Jackson; illustrated by Janet Pedersen

(Dutton Children's Books, 2008)

Thea decides to plant some old bean seeds and watch them grow as her science project. And grow they do—into a giant beanstalk. Savvy young readers will recognize elements from the classic “Jack” fairy tale, such as a harp and golden egg, but the haughty grown-ups that Thea writes to for help do not. Thea receives letters and comical advice from a plethora of dim “experts,” ranging from botanist to symphony conductor to zoologist. Thea’s Tree playfully combines curriculum areas, including science, language arts, and storytelling into a clever tale kids will love.


This is a funny story that kids will love, and teachers may find useful to include in fairy-tale or letter-writing units.
School Library Journal

Save a spot on the shelves for this one...or maybe not--it will always be checked out.
Kirkus Reviews


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