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Crane's Rebound
by Alison Jackson; illustrated by Diane Dawson Hearn

(Dutton, 1991)

Crane's Rebound
Leslie Crane has won himself a place at the all-county basketball camp, but his problems are far from over. He is still tall and gawky and he still has that girly name. Two weeks with a bully for a roommate, grueling practice sessions, bouts of homesickness and a new boy-girl relationship with a tomboy basketball player make for a lively sequel to Alison Jackson's previous book: My Brother, the Star.


Leslie's social insecurities are right on target. Jackson handles it all with a comic touch that will appeal to sports fans and problem-novel enthusiasts alike.
- Booklist Sept 1991

A lot of sports and a touch of romance are presented in this easy-to-read enjoyable book.
- Horn Book Fall 1991

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