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Blowing Bubbles with the Enemy
by Alison Jackson

(Dutton, 1993)

Blowing Bubbles with the Enemy
Bobby Lorimer has always played basketball with the boys and she and her buddy Les are the best players in the entering class at Jefferson Middle School. But when Coach Briley humiliates her, accuses her of cheating and keeps her off the school team, the entire female student body rallies around her efforts. Bobby would rather play for fun than for the honor of womanhood, but half her classmates are depending on her now. She just hopes it won't ruin her realtionship with Les.


Jackson's smooth prose style and believable characters make this an enjoyable read.
- School Library Journal Jan 1994

[Female] readers will enjoy Bobby's breezy voice, admire her gumption, and share her confusion over the awkwardness of boy-girl relationships.
- Kirkus Jan 1994

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